Best Commercial & Residential Solar Roofing Services in Texas

Do your energy bills keep soaring? Are you worried about your property’s carbon footprint? If so, a solar panel system could be the solution for you. ARP Roofing & Remodeling is a local San Antonio company that has been installing solar panels for Texas residents and businesses for many years.

Let’s go over what solar panels are, how they function, what they can do for your property, and why we are one of the best companies in Texas to call when it comes time to install them on your home or business.

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    What Are Solar Panels? (also known as "PV panels")

    Solar panels are also known as “PV panels” and are used to convert solar light from the sun, which is composed of particles of energy called “photons”, into electricity that can be used to power electrical loads.  You can think of them as power sources that act as large batteries. They receive solar energy and convert it into electrical current, which is then stored in the panel until you need to use it.

    A solar panel system is not like your typical roofing material, so it requires a different form of installation. It also produces direct current (DC) rather than the alternating current (AC) produced by most homes and businesses in San Antonio. 

    Our solar power installations at ARP Roofing & Remodeling can remedy both issues while providing you with an environmentally friendly solution to your energy needs.

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    Bring Your San Antonio Home Into the Future With Residential Solar Panels

    Solar panels have been around since 1839 but are just now becoming affordable for most San Antonio homeowners. So why has it taken so long? The technology behind solar panels is complicated and expensive to produce compared to traditional electricity sources like coal or natural gas.

    At ARP Roofing & Remodeling, we can help you determine if residential solar panels are a good fit for your property. If your location is viable, we can install them on your home’s roof and provide any necessary repairs to keep the system running efficiently over time.

    Give Your Business a Boost With Commercial Solar Panels

    We can’t promise that our commercial solar panels will make your business more profitable. However, we do know that solar power can help you save money on electricity and reduce overhead costs, which could boost revenue in the long term.

    Our team at ARP Roofing & Remodeling offers consultations to commercial customers in San Antonio who are interested in exploring their solar energy solutions. We will arrive at your site, discuss the size of the roof and any other obstructions that could affect installation.

    Any property that uses power can benefit from commercial solar panels, including:

    If you’re ready to get started on a solar power upgrade for business, contact our experts today! We have served San Antonio residents for many years with affordable services and excellent customer service.

    Why Install Solar Panels for Your Property?

    Here are just some of the most significant advantages of investing in residential or commercial solar panels sooner rather than later.

    Save On Your Electric Bill

    The most obvious perk of our solar energy solutions is that you will start saving on your electric bill immediately. Thanks to our expertise and premium materials, many of our clients see significant reductions in their monthly power costs.

    Get Paid for Excess Power You Produce

    With the buyback and net metering programs in San Antonio, you can earn money by simply using your commercial or home solar panel system. Whenever your solar system produces more electricity than you need, the local power company will buy it from you.

    Earn Solar Incentives and Tax Rebates

    In San Antonio, several tax credits and solar rebates are available for residents who switch to solar power. By choosing ARP Roofing & Remodeling, you can take advantage of all the solar incentives associated with making this investment in your home or business.

    Power Outage

    Properties with commercial or residential solar panels are independent of your local power company. If you lose power, your system will continue to supply solar energy to your property for as long as there is light in the sky.

    Safeguard Your Environment

    For many people who reside in San Antonio, their biggest concern is what they can do to reduce their environmental footprint and help protect our planet for future generations of homeowners and businesses. Clean solar energy is a great way to conserve energy and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.

    Increase Your Property Value

    Even if you’re not planning to sell your property anytime soon, you can still benefit from a property value increase. A solar panel system will add thousands of dollars to the value of your home or business, and some studies suggest that homes with solar panels sell more quickly and for higher prices than non-solar homes.

    Low Maintenance Costs

    Most solar systems require little maintenance. The only routine requirement is to keep your panels clean for optimal solar energy production, which you can do with a soft brush and a water hose.

    What Are Solar Batteries?

    Solar batteries help utilize the electricity produced by your solar systems. They allow you to store renewable solar energy from sunlight and use it as needed rather than immediately converting that current into power.

    With this cutting-edge solar technology installed at your property, you can save energy during the day and use it when you need to. This is especially convenient for businesses in San Antonio that can power their appliances or other equipment with renewable energy after hours instead of running them continuously.

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    Learn About Our Solar Power Installation Process

    At ARP Roofing & Remodeling, we have been transforming homes and businesses in San Antonio, Texas, into efficient energy-producing powerhouses for years. Our team follows a comprehensive solar panel installation process to ensure a quality product.

    1. Site Assessment

    We arrive at your site and make sure it’s a good fit for solar panel systems. Our team uses state-of-the-art technology and on-site inspections to determine if there are any technical or geographic obstructions that would impede a solar power installation.

    2. Solar Technology Design

    Once we’ve determined that your site is a good fit for solar energy, we will design the system that best meets your needs. This includes determining how much solar power you need to run your appliances and electronics and creating an aesthetically pleasing installation that enhances the look of your home or business.

    We work with many solar panel and battery manufactures such as LG, Tesla, etc.

    3. Solar Installation

    We have partnered with Titan Solar the larges solar panel installer in North America. Our solar installer team will then set up the roof-mounted panel array, inverters, and racking solar panel systems. We will walk you through the entire process so you can see how your new Texas solar systems fit into place perfectly, maximizing energy production while keeping it safe from extreme weather conditions like hail or heavy winds for many years to come. Our team can also outfit your property with solar batteries, which is an optional step. Batteries allow you to store excess energy produced throughout the day for use at night, on cloudy days, or during times of peak demand when your system cannot create enough power to meet your needs.

    4. Solar Upkeep

    Once we install your solar energy system, our experts will also recommend a routine maintenance plan that will keep your panels running at optimal solar panel efficiency. If your system needs solar panel repairs, you can trust us to complete the job with care and precision.
    To learn more about our premier solar panel installation services, call ARP Roofing & Remodeling today!

    residential solar panel installation

    A Solar Installation That Fits Your Property's Aesthetic

    Our team is committed to providing the highest quality installations to San Antonio homeowners and businesses, which is why we offer a wide range of solar panel options for both on and off-grid systems.

    Whatever your aesthetic preference, we can match it with our installation process, maximize solar panel energy production, and meet your needs and budget requirements. Whether you want the look of traditional solar systems or something more modern like a tubular solar panel, we have you covered.

    As an industry-leading solar installer, we will also make sure you enjoy the best tax credit, CPS energy rebate, and other solar incentives that come with having new solar panels in San Antonio.

    How Much Will a Solar Installation Cost?

    As a trusted Texas solar contractor, it’s one of our main goals to equip every client with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. Our team is always happy to provide a breakdown of the system costs that are specific to your property’s needs.
    Your solar installation costs will depend on a variety of factors and can vary greatly from property to property. Here are just some of the elements that affect your project’s final price:

    Your Energy Needs

    San Antonio solar systems that provide enough electricity for a large commercial space will cost more than one designed to meet the solar power needs of an average-sized dwelling.

    Your Site's Suitability for Solar Installation

    If there are any obstructions on your property that would impede the proper installation of a residential or commercial solar system, that will affect the price.

    Number of Solar Panels

    The number of solar panels you want us to install will impact the whole system’s cost. More electronic components might mean a significant investment, but you can also expect higher solar energy production.

    Type and Style of Solar Panel

    Different kinds of solar energy solutions carry different specifications in energy production, durability, and aesthetics. Unlike other Texas solar panel companies, we offer a wide variety of options to best fit your needs.

    Solar Battery Type

    Installing batteries to store excess energy will add to your overall costs. Models that hold more power are more expensive, but they can be useful if you run a business that uses a lot of energy at night or on weekends.

    Utility Rates and Rebates

    The cost to install solar panels in your San Antonio home or business will vary based on local utility rates. Some utilities in San Antonio, Texas, offer incentives for installing solar panels that can help offset the initial cost of installing a new system. These rebates are usually offered in exchange for long-term savings on your monthly utility bills.

    You Can Trust Us.

    We take the time required to fully explain everything, and answer all you questions, so that you’ll be fully prepared to make an informed buying decision with a NO PRESSURE GUARANTEE. You’ll know exactly how much solar you need to get rid of your electric bill and what your expected savings and ROI will be.

    Why Choose Us for Your San Antonio Solar Systems?

    As leaders in the solar industry, we believe in providing our customers with the best possible service and products. We are committed to excellence every step of the way, from initial consultation to project completion and customer care. Many homes and businesses choose us as their San Antonio solar installer because we offer:

    Best Product and Warranty in the Industry

    ARP Roofing Remodeling & Solar offers the strongest WARRANTY and GUARANTEES in the industry, we believe in our roofing and solar products and services that we sell and the work we perform.  An ARP solar system is designed and installed to last you decades. It’s for that reason, we are willing to stand behind our products and services for the long term, because we want you to be 100% satisfied, now and in the future.

    • 25 Workmanship warranty on the labor
    • 25 Year Power Production Guarantee
    • 25 Year Panel Module Performance Guarantee
    • 25 Year Enphase Microinverters Guarantee
    • Lifetime* Roofing Workmanship and Limited Lifetime* MFG Materials Guarantee

    *See ARP workmanship Warranty and manufacture warranties for complete warranty details.

    In-Depth Consultations
    Unlike your average Texas solar company, we cover every ground in detail to ensure that you’re making the right decision for your property. Our goal is to ensure that our clients know exactly what they’re receiving in terms of products, process, and customer care post-sale.
    Quality Materials
    Our company uses only the highest-quality materials for your residential and commercial solar panels and batteries. Our products in San Antonio, TX, are designed to last through extreme weather conditions and offer many years of maintenance-free operation.
    Industry-Leading Solar Energy and Roofing Experts
    Premium products and materials are worth nothing without the expertise to match. Every member of our team has extensive experience in their respective field, so you can expect nothing less than the best possible service when it comes to installing or repairing your batteries and solar panels in San Antonio.
    Exceptional Customer Service
    Our Central Texas team is committed to offering the highest caliber of customer care. From follow-up to post-sale maintenance, we want you to be fully satisfied with your solar panels and roofing materials from start to finish.
    A Proven Track Record
    With hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the San Antonio area, we are proud to have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Head over to our review page to read what previous clients have to say about our quality service!
    Customized Solutions
    When you choose us for your solar project, we will help you design a custom solution that meets your needs. We work with your budget and even offer several payment options to make the process as convenient as possible.

    A Texas Solar Company You Can Trust

    Thousands of homes and businesses are already taking advantage of solar panels in San Antonio. If you’re ready to invest in solar power, then now is the time. The initial costs of installing a new system may seem high at first glance, but these up-front investments can pay off in big ways over time with reduced utility bills and zero additional energy costs after installation is complete.

    Contact our team at ARP Roofing & Remodeling to schedule your solar installation service. We offer free estimates and consultations that allow you to explore all the available options with one of our knowledgeable professionals so you can find the perfect solution.

    Get the best tax credit, CPS energy rebate, and utility bill savings in San Antonio, TX, by calling 210.714.0040 today.

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    Solar roofing offers numerous benefits, including reduced electricity bills, decreased reliance on non-renewable energy sources, potential tax incentives, and increased property value.

    Yes, there are various types of solar roofing, including solar shingles, solar tiles, and solar panels integrated into traditional roofing materials.

    The lifespan of solar roofs typically ranges from 25 to 30 years, although some systems can last even longer with proper maintenance.

    Solar roofs generally require minimal maintenance, limited to occasional cleaning to remove dirt and debris that may obstruct sunlight.

    Yes, solar roofing typically increases the resale value of homes by offering energy savings and eco-friendly features, which are attractive to many buyers.

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