Your Contractor Should Be Present During Your Insurance Adjuster Inspection

In the aftermath of a storm, many homeowners find themselves facing one of the biggest catastrophes that can befall a home: damage to the roof

It’s fair to say that the structural integrity of your home’s roof is, quite literally, a disaster. Without a sound roof, your home is exposed to the elements, and water damage can quickly create havoc throughout your property. If your roof has been compromised, then the situation is close to an emergency – so you’re going to want to ensure the repair process is as smooth and efficient as it can possibly be.

After identifying the roof damage, most homeowners will immediately turn to their insurance company for assistance. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you will likely expect – as thousands of other homeowners have before you – that you can just make a call to your insurer, then sit back and wait for the repair process to fall into place.

However, the reality is that when you make that first phone call, the issue with your roof goes into a queue for the insurance company to deal with. Unfortunately, while your roof damage may be an emergency that needs immediate remedy from your perspective, your insurer is unlikely to see the situation with quite the same urgency. This is especially true if your roof has been damaged in the aftermath of a storm that has impacted many people in your local area. As a result, you will have to wait for a your insurer to have the availability to send a loss adjuster to your property.

This is far from convenient, but it is inevitable when a small area has been hit by the same serious storm. The wait for an available adjuster to visit your home is problematic enough, but there is another cause for concern regarding this claims backlog: it may mean that the adjuster, when they eventually arrive, has to rush through a claim.

This has an unfortunate consequence of meaning that you can find yourself in a situation where you:

  • Wait longer than is ideal for an adjuster to assess the damage to your roof
  • When the adjuster does arrive, the fact they are dealing with a heavy backlog of multiple claims in the area may mean that they are not quite as thorough in their assessment.

While the inconvenience of waiting for an adjuster to arrive cannot be overlooked, the second point – the fact that pertinent information may be missed when assessed – is arguably the more damaging. If an assessment is rushed, then the following scenario is all-too-likely to develop:

  • As the adjuster is rushing through the assessment process, they overlook areas of damage that need to be repaired.
  •  Your claim will be processed on the adjuster’s findings, which means that
  • your claim will be processed based on inaccurate and insufficient information.
  •  You will hire a roofer to complete the repairs to your roof. The roofer – who is an expert in the field, and is not working under the same time constraints as the insurance company’s loss adjuster – will observe the more substantial damage, and advise you that it requires a far more substantial repair than your insurance company has agreed to.
     The repair is even further delayed, as you will likely have to go through the adjuster visit/claims process a second time in an effort to ascertain a correct assessment of the repairs that you need.

Remember: the repair process has already been delayed by you having to wait for the first adjuster to visit, so a second delay is going to set you back even further.

Thankfully, there is something you can do to ensure that you don’t experience this issue: find a licensed roofing contractor near you and ask them to attend the initial assessment with the insurance loss adjuster. As a reliable, professional, the roofing expert will be able to examine your roof repair needs with a thorough eye. The professional will be able to highlight any necessary repairs to ensure they are included, so you only have to go through the process once.

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In conclusion

Insurance Adjuster Inspection

Ultimately, asking your roofing estimator to be present for the loss adjuster’s visit is a good move. The claim you submit will be accurate, and the roofing estimator will be able to familiarize themselves with the project before work commences. We can thus conclude that asking your roofing estimator to attend the adjuster’s inspection is the simplest, most effective solution for everyone involved in the repair of your damaged roof.

If you have a damaged roof and wish to obtain ARP’s assistance with the entire claims process, please do get in touch with us today!

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