During hurricane season, homeowners in hurricane-prone areas can prepare by making sure their roof is in top condition. While the hurricane season does not officially start until June 1, you should know that this is a crucial time to reinforce the roof and prepare your home for storms. You can do this by ensuring the integrity of your roof by using specially-designed roofing products.

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You should also remove loose objects that may cause damage to your roof. These items can be small and not readily visible, but in a hurricane they can become projectiles. In addition, they can damage other parts of your house or even damage neighboring properties. To avoid this problem, you should move all loose objects indoors or secure large objects. Whether it is a swimming pool, trampoline, or a child’s toy, make sure to get them out of the way before the storm.

Before the hurricane season begins, you should examine your roof to check for loose shingles and broken flashing. If you notice any damage, contact a roofing professional to reinforce your roof. If necessary, you can have straps and collar ties placed on the roof. Also, you should have a family safety plan prepared and store emergency supplies. ARP Austin

Even if you have a structurally sound roof, your home can still suffer damage from hurricanes. This is because water is not directed down from the sky; it is instead driven horizontally by extreme wind forces. In addition, water can accumulate on the roof for hours. It is important to choose shingles that are designed to resist the wind and rain. Otherwise, your home could be damaged by water infiltration. You should also make sure to cover skylights during hurricane season.

Another thing that you should do is to trim trees in and around your home. If your roof is surrounded by large trees, these could potentially cause major damage during hurricane season. By pruning trees, you can avoid these hazards and protect your home year-round. You may also consider hiring a tree trimmer to prune your trees before hurricane season.

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In addition to hiring a professional to install hurricane-proof roofing products, you should also check your roof regularly for damage. By regularly inspecting your roof, you can avoid expensive repairs in the event of a hurricane. Regularly inspecting it will also keep your roof in great shape, so it will withstand the high winds that come with the storm. ARP San Antonio

In addition to roof repair, you should also check the gutters and windows regularly to prevent any leaks that may occur. Another way to protect your roof is to repair any existing holes. Any holes will cause water to seep in and cause damage to your roof. If there is a leak, make sure to repair it as soon as possible.

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Make sure the gutters are free of debris, so they can drain water quicker and prevent roof leaks. A properly functioning gutter system will also prevent water from collecting in the attic, which could cause water damage during a storm. Your attic should also be clean and well-maintained. A dirty attic can result in damp wood and peeling paint. Proper ventilation will also help to prevent your roof from being damaged during a hurricane.

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