Benefits of Conklin Metal Roof Coatings

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Benefits of Conklin Metal Roof Coatings

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When it comes to metal roof restoration and coating, ARP Roofing + Remodeling exclusively uses Conklin Roof Coatings. But why is that? Here, we’re going to outline the benefits of the Conklin Metal Roof Coating system, what it offers to you, the customer, and we trust it in every restoration job we take on.

It’s Effective

Simply put, the range of Conklin Roof Coatings get the job done. It closes leaks and inhibits rust, completely coating and protecting not just the surface of the roof, but all seams, fastenings, around pipes, and more. There is a range of products including Benchmark, Rapid Proof III, and Rapid Proof HV which each deliver their own unique benefits, so it’s best to work with those who know their Conklin products and which to recommend.

It improves the longevity of your roof

Protection from rust and leaks will already do a lot to help lengthen the lifespan of your roof, but Conklin Metal Roof Coating does a lot more than that. It improves the reflectiveness of your roof, bouncing away UV rays so your metal roof isn’t as susceptible to warping under exposure to the sun and increased heat. This means that your roof can go on without the need for replacement even longer.

It reduces your cooling costs

That reflectiveness has benefits for you, your team, and your inventory as well. In both the preservation of equipment and the comfort of those inside a building, keeping it cool is essential. Less heat gets in through the metal roof thanks to the Conklin Metal Roof coating, so you don’t have to spend quite as much on air conditioning and cooling to maintain a comfortable standard inside the building.

It’s highly sustainable

Conklin Roof Coatings are very long-lasting. They remain as effective for up to ten years, after which you can have a professional restore the coating once again. This means that your roof’s lifespan can be preserved and lengthened time and time again. Without effective Conklin coating, you may end up replacing your roof time and time again due to repeated leaks, heat damage, and general wear and tear.

It’s environmentally friendly

Conklin roof coatings use a water-based top coating, meaning that they don’t produce as much VOCs, which are particularly bad for the environment. What’s more, without coating, your only option is to replace your roof, which creates unnecessary waste that will most likely end up in a landfill. The increased reflectiveness that Conklin Metal Roof Coating offers your roof and the reduced cooling costs that come as a result can dramatically decrease your business’s reliance on fossil fuels, as well. If you want to cut waste and maintain a commitment to sustainable business practices, Conklin’s commercial roof coatings can help you do that.

When you’re looking for a metal roof restoration, make sure that whomever you work with is using the Conklin Metal Roof Coating system. It’s better on your roof, better on your budget, and even better for the environment. It is simply the best metal roof restoration series of products currently on the market.

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