5 Benefits of Working with a GAF Certified Roofing Contractor

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5 Benefits of Working with a GAF Certitied Roofing Contractor

Finding a roofing contractor can seem like a stressful task, and there are several factors that you’ll need to consider before finding the best one for your project. The first question on the agenda, however, is quite simply: “is the company GAF certified?”.

GAF is one of the longest-standing and trusted roofing manufacturers on the market, and it offers certification to contractors that provide the world-class service that modern homeowners deserve. It uses a set of criteria to decipher whether a roofer deserves recognition and this covers;

  • Proper licensure – Roofers must have all the necessary credentials to carry out roofing work in the United States.
  • Full insurance – All GAF certified contractors must boast full insurance packages to cover themselves as well as the clients.
  • Strong reputation – GAF certified roofers need to prove their reputation through references, reviews, and similar tools
  • Ongoing development – Roofers must show their commitment to providing quality roofing by completing regular training and development.

GAF Certified roofers like ARP Roofing are easy to spot. Here are five benefits of working exclusively with roofers with this award:

#1. Premium Quality Materials

Unsurprisingly, a contractor can only be GAF certified if they use GAG products. Given that GAF products are among the best in the industry, this is certainly a hot selling point for sticking exclusively to certified workers.Hiring an uncertified contractor may result in the use of inferior products, which will inevitably have a hugely negative impact on the project. Everything from the appearance to the long-term health of your new roof could be at potential risk.Using GAF certified roofers guarantees that your roof will be blessed with the best shingles and roofing materials. In turn, this will go a long way protecting the property.

#2. Premium Quality Workmanship

In addition to completing the project by using the best materials, a GAF certified roofer will utilize the latest techniques and workmanship. The industry has evolved at a rapid rate, but accredited roofers have to evolve alongside it in order to maintain their status.Conversely, uncertified roofers may persist with ideas and working techniques that are now outdated. Not only could this impact the final look and quality of your rood, but it may also slow the process down, which could result in increased labor costs.A GAF certified roofer that has gone under intense and regular training is the only solution worth considering for the sake of your project, budget, and frame of mind.

#3. Warranties & Guarantees

Roof installations signify a significant home upgrade and are likely to cost several thousand dollars. Therefore, it’s imperative that you are provided with the right reassurances regarding the materials and workmanship. This is another reason to opt for a GAF certified roofer.All certified roofers will provide warranties for all project. Meanwhile, those covered by the Master Elite certification that is also handled by the GAF ensures that all materials are protected by a 50-year warranty while workmanship is covered for 25. This is excellent news for any homeowner.Unfortunately, if problems occur after using an uncertified roofer, it’s probable that an inadequate warranty will end up costing you a lot of time, money, and hassle.

#4. Improved Interactions

Communication is another crucial element of your project. You need a roofer that will listen to your requirements before turning your vision into a reality. Likewise, you need a roofer that will keep you informed throughout the process. Contractors can only gain GAF certification after successfully working in the industry for several years. They will be backed up by a diverse portfolio and positive feedback from a range of clients that have completed a variety of projects.Some uncertified roofers will provide that quality communication throughout, but a lot of them won’t. Rather than taking risks, it’s better to choose a GAF certified roofer instead.

#5. Insurance Protection

Every decision made regarding home improvements and upgrades should be made with financial matters in mind. Insurance protection is a separate issue to warranties but requires an equal level of attention. Otherwise, you could open the door to a very nasty surprise.GAF Certified roofing contractors will be fully insured, which provides a financial safety net should something unexpectedly go wrong. Sadly, using an uncertified and uninsured roofer will leave you liable should those situations occur. This is the last thing that any homeowner wants or deserves.If nothing else, the knowledge that your chosen roofing contractor is fully insured will put your mind at ease, which is a huge reward in itself.

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